Custom Embroidered Patches

October 3, 2016

From Troop 15 to Apollo 15

We manufacture custom embroidered patches, emblems, and insignia for astronauts to submariners, spelunkers to mountain climbers, gas station attendants to Little Leaguers, and everything in between. So whether your needs are small or large, you can count on us for top quality affordable custom patches and logoed products.

Custom Emblems Since 1892.

A-B Emblem has been the leading international designer and manufacturer of embroidered patches in the US since 1941 and embroiders in Germany dating back to 1892. From large bulk orders to individual orders of custom patches, turnaround can be as quick as 48 hours with factories based in the United States… read more


A-B Emblem is a world-wide provider of embroidered patches with a focus on exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship.


A-B Emblem supplies custom patches to some of the most recognized organizations in the world; their customers include NASA, the US Military and Boy Scouts of America. The company has built a reputation for consistently providing exceptional craftsmanship with both standard and custom patches… read more

Trusted Quality & Services

All A-B Emblem facilities are independently certified for quality, social compliance, product content, and product security… read more.

Some of the Markets We Serve

Armed Services

Berry-amendment compliant and USA-made to TIOH specification.

Boy Scouts of America®

Premier Boy Scout Patches. Support your fellow scouts and America when you support ethical custom patch manufacturing.

Corporate Identity

Your corporate image is as important to A-B Emblem as it is to you, you can trust us to bring your logo to life with custom embroidered emblems.

Embroidered Key Rings

Washable, Non-Marring, Noiseless and are Soft, Flat and Comfortable in Your Pocket.

Embroidered Luggage Tags

Set yourself apart and find your luggage in the black sea of Samsonite®.

Girl Scouts of the USA®

From Daisies and up, A-B Emblem has all the patches needed for your special Girl Scout! As an official GSUSA licensed vendor, view all of our Girl Scout products here.

NASA Patches

E. Henry Conrad and NASA got together in the 1960’s and A-B Emblem made the first NASA Patch aka “the Meat Ball”

Pins & Jewelry

Custom struck and hard fired enameled cloisonné, soft cloisonné, precision photo-etched, photo printed, or screen printed pins.

Public Sector

We are America’s number one supplier of embroidered emblems for federal, state, city and all government agencies.